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Canoeing Trophy

A team event on the water with lots of fun. For the canoeing trophy we divide your group in smaller teams. Each team gets a tour book with tasks, as well as a bag containing different equipment (e.g. a map, a compass, a rope, a penknife). Each team also gets a digital camera to document their actions.

During the canoeing tour the teams stop at different places and undertake different tasks. Besides being in the countryside and canoeing, this tour represents communication, team activity and playful competition.

At the final awards ceremony we reward the team which provided the most unique solutions to the tasks, not the fastest team.


  • Have a picnic along the way
  • Our favorite route is the famous ‘“Wannsee’ between Potsdam and Berlin
  • We can offer the canoeing trophy at several places in Berlin and Brandenburg

Time needed

  • flexible, adapted to your timeline
  • 5 hours, 4 hours of which take place on the water