City Rally

With a tour book, map and camera you will discover the city. The final destination is secret. To get there you have to solve mysterious tasks together, such as those using your creativity, team spirit or finding the poet inside you.

After the rally you can relax and have a meal at a selected restaurant. During this time we will evaluate your assignments and choose your best photos to be shown at the final awards ceremony.


  • City rally through the city centre of Berlin or Potsdam
  • A rally on the outskirts of Berlin
  • Assignments related to your company
  • Choose your starting and/or finishing point
  • Have a little snack on the way
  • With a film shoot of a film as a separate stop

Time needed

  • flexible, adapted to your timeline
  • in summer: usually three hours
  • Snack on the way: + ½ hour
  • Film shoot: + ½ hour
  • Travel by public transport: + ½ hour