Letterboxing - Finding your way with a map and compass

Letterboxing is the original form of modern geocaching. Back in 1854 a hiking guide hid the first ‘letterbox’ at a remote place in Dartmoor in south- west England. The hiking guide led Victorian gentlemen over the moor. When they found the hidden box, they could leave their business card in this box.

Later a rubber stamp was added, so that visitors to the letterbox could leave a self-addressed stamped postcard which stayed in the box, for now until the next vistor came along. They would then pick up the postcard and take it to the post office. That’s where the term letterbox comes from.

The tradition of letterboxing didn’t just stay in Dartmoor, it later expanded all over the world. Today, over 3,000 letterboxes are hidden on Dartmoor.

To go letterboxing with the Berliner Landpartie means to go and find the ‘letterboxes’ in the area with the help of a route description, map and compass. In each letterbox you will find a stamp, a guest book and a task to be solved by the team. Each team documents their tour with a digital camera.

At the end you can relax and enjoy a meal, while we evaluate your tasks and choose your best shots for a final awards ceremony.


  • You can explore letterboxing at the Stechlinsee or on the outskirts of Berlin
  • Suitable for large groups
  • Have a picnic along the way

Time needed

  • in summer: usually 3 -4 hours
  • with a picnic: + ½ hour
  • in winter: usually two hours