Under the expert guidance of our blacksmith you will experience and learn traditional blacksmithing. The iron is heated on an open fire and then shaped on an anvil. Men in particular, but women too, find great pleasure in this original, powerful craft that also requires some skill.

Our blacksmith puts up his forge and two anvils where you decide you would like to spend your outing. Blacksmithing at dusk or in the dark is particularly impressive: standing outside by the warm fire, the clear sound of the hammer hitting the anvil blows through the rural silence, and your forged iron work sizzles and steams in the bucket of water as it cools, and you hold a cup of mulled wine or a glass of red wine in your hand. These are impressions that make this day very special and unforgettable.


  • In combination with other team activities (e.g. archery by night) as part of a winter team trophy.

Time needed

  • flexible, adapted to your timeline
  • usually 1 -2.5 hours