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Huskies by Night

Walking with Siberian huskies can be either a daytime or nighttime activity. Huskies by night in this sense does not mean that we will send you out in the middle of the night, but refers to the early onset of winter darkness. We will provide you with head torches to assist your orientation.

For our walks with Siberian huskies, the dog and participant are fastened to one another with a waist belt and rope. After the people and dogs have got to know each other better and each has found his walking partner, the tour begins. The person walks behind the dog and lets themself be pulled along by it).With little effort the speed still increases. Each participant can decides whether and how fast the husky should actually walk. This makes Siberian husky walking a sporty variation on everyday walking, where anyone who is open to new experiences and likes animals will have fun.


We are basically flexible concerning the location and this outing can take place in many places in Berlin or its outskirts as well as surrounding areas.

Time needed

  • flexible, adapted to your timeline
  • usually 1 - 1.5 hours walking