• letterboxing as company outing


  • Canoeing Trophy as company outing in Berlin

    Canoeing Trophy

  • city rally Berlin

    City Rally

  • city rally as company outing

    City Rally

  • Letterboxing as company outing


  • blacksmithing as event for a company outing


  • Team Trophy

    Team Trophy

  • scavenger hunt

    Scavenger Hunt

  • team trophy

    Team Trophy

We organise active team events!

Whether outings, team building activities, incentives / motivational events or Christmas parties. Whether Berlin or Brandenburg. Whether 15 or 500 people, we organise active team events. The Berliner Landpartie stands for team and experience-oriented outdoor events in Berlin and its surrounding area. Concrete proposals can be found on the main menu on the left hand side under Corporate Events.

Some examples: You can search for letterboxes (hidden containers) during our letterboxing tour. You can collect points during the team trophy.

Learn new skills and learn things from one another that you would never have guessed about during the mundane office routine by doing archery, blacksmithing or with our canoe trophy. Our events can show you from the unexpected green corners of Berlin and its surrounding area. to the very heart of the capital through our Treasure Hunts.

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands programme is a unique combination of a team building activity and charity work. In small teams of around four people, the participants assemble real prosthetic hands for landmine victims.

More information under Helping Hands.