Company Outings in Berlin and Brandenburg

Our outings in Berlin and its surrounding area focus on shared experiences beyond the bustle of everyday working life. To be active in a team and experience nature is fun, connects and motivates. Experiences that bind together and last even when you are back in the office.

Whether games, sports, culinary or cultural; challenging or contemplative: Be inspired by the variety of our ideas for outings. These can be found on the left hand side of our main menu under the Corporate Events category.

Next step: Call us! Through an in-depth conversation we can figure out what type of outing would particularly suit your group and develop a customised concept for your company outing.

Explore and select one of our exiting activities here:

Roll up your sleeves, grab your cutting knives and some tape, and gather your team to create your own artwork for your office.

city rally in Berlin for a company outing

With a tour book, map and camera you will discover the city. The final destination is secret. To get there you have to solve mysterious tasks together, such as those using your creativity, team spirit or finding the poet inside you.

special company outing: Scavenger hunt

In this exciting outing you will explore the forest in small teams. We provide you with a map, a compass, a tour book with directions, a digital camera and various other equipment.

Canoeing Trophy as an interesting company outing

A team event on the water with lots of fun. For the canoeing trophy we divide your group in smaller teams.