Corporate travel in Berlin and Brandenburg

Are you planning a framework programme for your seminar or conference in Berlin or Brandenburg? We stage supplementary activities in addition to the technical content by offering individual outdoor and indoor team experiences that offer an emotional anchor. During a joint team activity, participants can clear their minds, regain strength and a new, positive prevailing mood arises, which spreads into the technical part of your event with regard to the content.

Be inspired by our wide range of outings, which are listed on the left hand side of our main menu under the category Corporate Events where you can find Summer Events and Winter Events.

What now?: Call us! Through an in-depth conversation we can figure out what type of activity would particularly suit your group and develop a customised concept for your seminar or conference.

Explore and select one of our exiting activities here:

blacksmithing at the corporate travel

Under the expert guidance of our blacksmith you will experience and learn traditional blacksmithing.

drawing together in a team

At our team challenge you will experience a wide range of tasks. Your team spirit, good ideas and a little tinkering is always required, as well as sometimes skills that no one knew of before.

Archery for your corporate travel in Berlin

Archery fascinates many people through its combination of strength, skillfulness and calmness. Find a strong, firm foothold, define the target, draw the bow, breathe and let go – a seemingly easy sequence of movements.