Incentives for large groups

Planning incentives for large groups (approx. 100 to 1.000 people), requires plenty of experience. The venue and the group activities have to be chosen particularly carefully. We cooperate with numerous locations in Berlin and Brandenburg which are not only experienced and professional in taking care of large groups, but also preserve an exceptional charm and are sometimes true insider tips.

Large groups are always divided in smaller teams.

In letterboxing, team-trophy, forest rally, canoe trophy or city rally activities, the different teams compete playfully against one another. At the end we assess the team’s solutions and elect a winning team within the framework of a presentation ceremony.

For a summer fête or a team course we offer different activities, from which you can choose. Some groups for example could hike to a certain destination, ride the bike and canoe, whilst others spend the day on-site and try archery, blacksmithing, tai chi, take photographs or ride segways.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day there should be a big joint feast and should the occasion arise, a further programme, because the joint enjoyment of the participants and spending a great day together is pivotal.

What now?: Call us! Through an in-depth conversation we can figure out what type of activity would particularly suit your group and develop a customised concept for your seminar or conference.

Explore and select one of our exiting activities here:

Canoeing Trophy as an incentive event

A team event on the water with lots of fun. For the canoeing trophy we divide your group in smaller teams.

City Rally as an incentive event in Berlin

With a tour book, map and camera you will discover the city. The final destination is secret. To get there you have to solve mysterious tasks together, such as those using your creativity, team spirit or finding the poet inside you.

"Walking A" as one of the team activities

The activities during the team trophy are as diverse as our guests. However, communication and team activity are always central.

Roll up your sleeves, grab your cutting knives and some tape, and gather your team to create your own artwork for your office.

Letterboxing for incentives

To go letterboxing with the Berliner Landpartie means to go and find the ‘letterboxes’ in the area with the help of a route description, map and compass. In each letterbox you will find a stamp, a guest book and a task to be solved by the team.

Foto Trophy in Berlin

A piece of rope; a tiny, elaborately painted wooden box; a discarded woman’s shoe; an old suitcase; a rubber glove; a mask – mysterious finds. How do they fit together?

scavenger hunt in Berlin

In this exciting outing you will explore the forest in small teams. We provide you with a map, a compass, a tour book with directions, a digital camera and various other equipment.