Team buildings in Berlin and Brandenburg

Are you planning a team building exercise in Berlin or Brandenburg? Are you considering an outdoor or indoor team event? If you tell us the aims of your event, we can make a proposal and give you a quote that fits your expectations of an outdoor or indoor team training event.

It is up to you to decide whether you would prefer to simply set the team process in motion or incorporate specific phases for reflection during the activities. That way, experiences gained can be successfully transferred to everyday job-related life.

We would be delighted to offer you a complete package, including our outdoor or indoor trainers and team coaches. Alternatively, we can integrate our outdoor activities into your own training concept.

Be inspired by the large variety of our outings. These are listed on the left-hand side of our main menu under the category Corporate Events, where you will find both summer and winter events.

Here you can find a selection of activities:

What now?: Call us! Through an in-depth conversation we can figure out what type of activity would particularly suit your group and develop a customised concept for your seminar or conference.

Explore and select one of our exiting activities here:

team building activities in Berlin

The activities during the team trophy are as diverse as our guests. However, communication and team activity are always central.

letterboxing as a teambuilding activity

To go letterboxing with the Berliner Landpartie means to go and find the ‘letterboxes’ in the area with the help of a route description, map and compass. In each letterbox you will find a stamp, a guest book and a task to be solved by the team.

We divide the group into several small teams and provide different construction material to create a chain reaction.

Roll up your sleeves, grab your cutting knives and some tape, and gather your team to create your own artwork for your office.

Foto Trophy: Teambuilding in Berlin

A piece of rope; a tiny, elaborately painted wooden box; a discarded woman’s shoe; an old suitcase; a rubber glove; a mask – mysterious finds. How do they fit together?